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Sri Lanka Maps in Garmin GPS

Recently I received a Garmin GPS (nuvi 50) from my brother who is studying in China. The GPS looks fine but there are no Sri Lanka base maps installed in it. Then I tried to find a Sri Lanka road map that supports to the device. As I went through the articles I got to know that the format of the maps used in Garmin devices is a proprietary one. The map blocks are archived in to a single file which has the extension ".img" but not similar to DVD or floppy image file.

I found there are three methods to get Sri Lanka map to Garmin devices.

  1. Download from the Garmin map resources
  2. Download Sri Lanka maps from UMP (Unofficial Map Project)
  3. Download and convert maps from OpenStreetMap 
(PS: I found this link of OpenStreetMap which seems to support routable maps and very easy to download maps of any country including Sri Lanka.

The first method is bit expensive and I don't think that it is worth to buy map from Garmin because they don't give enough details such as traffic details that is worth for the price. But if you need accurate and less-bugs maps you will like to use their maps. You can buy an updated Sri Lanka map from GPS Travel Maps. The following image is a screen shot of Sri Lanka nuvi GPS map from GPS Travel Maps.

The second method is free but totally worthless because the map has no actual road name other than the code of it like A1, B5 etc. Although it has code names for all most all major roads the rest of the map has only the map polygons but no further details. The only advantage is that it is much compatible with  nuvi 50 device. But if you are interesting you can download this old map from UMP Map of Sri Lanka  For details of how to install these maps with Garmin Mapsource software check this thread of Lakdasun forum.

The third method which I preferred is use Sri Lanka map from Open Street Map project and then convert it to the Garmin map format. This map includes all most all roads including the recently developed express ways with their terminal locations, POIs (branches of most Banks in Sri Lanka, Schools, filling stations etc.) and many more. And the best part is we can download and convert these maps for free. for more details about how to bring the open street maps in to a garmin gps device you may check OSM on Garmin. Anyway I'm going to share the map which I converted recently (2013), which can be used directly with your Garmin devices. 

You can download the map from here. 

(Yes it is incredibly small in file size yet have lots of details in it). 

Note that no software requires to setup this map in your GPS. Just plug your Garmin device to you computer using the USB cable and open the storage drive of it using my computer. Then replace the file "gmapsupp.img" in the device (deviceLetter:\garmin\ or deviceLetter:\garmin\Map\ or some where in the device, you better search for the location of this file with in the device) with the one you downloaded (you may backup the existing file before replacing if you think that you will need the existing map again). 

I installed this open street maps to my Garmin GPS without any problem. If you have any question regarding this feel free to ask me. This is the first post of my new blog and I hope to share my experience and other ideas which I think may common to many of you onward. If you like you may check my old sinhala blog (Ravige satahana) too.  


  1. Ur link to down load MAP doesn't work,can i have that link

    1. The Sri Lanka Garmin map is now being serviced by - here is a coupon code for 20% off - srilanka20% . We're adding new roads and points of interest on a daily basis and update the map each month.

  2. Here it is.. I don't know how long this link be valid, better if you hurry.

  3. The map above mentioned is not Sri Lankan Map. Good post anyway.

    1. Sorry about the wrong file. You may check the link in the article. I re-uploaded it. thanks.

  4. Ravi, thank you so much for this. I am cycling around Sri Lanka at the moment as part of my world tour.
    I just found this page and downloaded the map. I don't know about other Garmin units but I'm using a bicycle Edge 800 unit. On this you can have multiple maps. I changed the name to SriLankagmapsupp.img and copied it to my memory card and BINGO! it works.
    Thanks so much, a good start to the new year.
    I'm in Jaffna now and heading down east coast and south coast back to Colombo.
    I'll buy you a Lion Stout or a tea or a short eat if I'm in your neighbourhood :)
    Cheers Richie

    1. Richie, thank you for reading my blog and it is nice to hear your success. I hope you are having a good time in my country. Of course we can meet when you come Colombo. Let me know if you need any help, via ravimal9[at] Take care.

  5. My car has a memory slot to use GPS. How I us GPS technology in my car??? Please tell me,

  6. Iresha,
    What is the brand and model of your car? is that factory fitted GPS? Most of car OEM GPSs works only for their own map file formats and it is very hard to convert our maps into their types. I may able to give a suggestion if you can share the type of your car GPS.

  7. my gps is, garmin nuvi 1300, when i connect it to pc, there is no any storage drive have been seen on it... then how can i update it... please help

  8. Hi Ravimal I am new to this and I need some help. I have a Gamin nuvi 3490 gps device and I want to install SriLanka maps please help me . Appreciate if you could reply to my email address

  9. Appreciate if ony one can help me in this issue

  10. Dear Ravi,
    I received a Navigon21max unit which uses .map map files.Can you help me to put a sri lanka map to it.

  11. Hi ravi
    it takes long hours to load the garmin map on my car device.please help on this.can i have your mobile number to talk with u

  12. Hi,
    Do you have some updated link for this year also?

  13. hey i like to know whats the best device for sri lanka #GPS #NavigationSystems #Device

  14. All together for your GPS to work you should be in an area where you can get the radio signs from various distinctive satellites with the goal that they can be cross referenced. Excessively few satellites and the precision goes down, none, or one, and it's pointless.

  15. Aside from its navigational capacities, numerous a wearing aficionado has likewise made utilization of GPS usefulness to help them accomplish more engaged activities. For instance, you can utilize your GPS beacon to compute how far and how quick you've voyage.

  16. Here is the map created on 1st Oct 2016.

  17. The observing system or the operation control section is worried with following and holding the satellites in space. It screens battery control levels and charge levels. It likewise keeps a tab on the soundness of satellites and the uprightness of signs.

  18. do can send that link again it doesn't work


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